The Negative Effects of Fashion

The models are portrayed as perfect individuals in the fashion industry and this aspect helps a lot in damaging the confidence of those people who do not have ideal looks. As fashion has now become an inseparable element therefore it influences the lives of such individuals in a negative manner. It keeps us getting involved always in something new.

The word fashion is not just designer’s outfits, stylists, artists, expensive clothing and accessories. The fashion takes into account a world of its own. For some people, fashion is life and it is impossible for them to separate themselves from it. It is an enormously strong force. Fashion industry has brought the idea of being perfect in the minds of the people and according to that this world belongs only to beautiful people. Even some designers make outfits in the smallest possible sizes thus leaving bigger sized people out of the list.
At first, fashion was introduced by the rich people in order to distinguish themselves from the lower classes of the society.

With the passage of time, great personality is no longer considered beauty. Having a perfect physical condition, thin body and flawless skin is believed as the actual attractiveness. The images of women that are portrayed in the fashion industry are almost impossible to achieve. This is the reason that many men and women have turn to less intake of food in a hope to achieve the beauty that has been created by this industry. Still, fashion is used to split rich people from the masses by the use of unique styles of dressing. Fashion for these people is a perfect tool of staying popular among many other people.

Negative Effects of Fashion

Negative Effects of Fashion

Fashion has become a way of defining one’s personality. We use fashionable clothes, latest hair styles and footwear in order to appear differently in front of the world. It has become a way of presenting our identity. But we can change our identity only if change our style of clothing and hair style. Fashion affects our lives far more then we have ever realized.

Fashion is a force that involves spending on buying fashionable items. As for some people the only way to survive in the modern world is by following the changing fashion trends therefore the costs of living are on the rise. Fashion industry is a huge industry and its impacts on the various societies are massive. Psychologically and economically, fashion has created great negative impacts on the lives of the people.

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