What is Fashion Week

We hear this term fashion week all the time, but what is it?? Fashion week is a mega event in the fashion industry, which as the name indicates lasts for a week. It is all about style, trends, fashion and largely glamour! It is all about bling bling.

This is an amazing event that provides fashion designers, brands and houses a fabulous opportunity to show their collection. This occurs in the form of runway shows. This tells everybody what the latest trend is and what is out.

Centers Around The World

  • Dubai, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Madrid, São Paulo, Toronto, Lahore and Karachi.
New York Fashion Week
Lahore Fashion Week

Characters of a Fashion Week

It happens two times a year in London, New York, Paris and Milan. The fashion week are arranged months before the following season. For example for winters, fashion show will occur at end of summers and vice versa. The advantage is that, all the buyers and press get wind of what is going to be ‘in; next season.

All the latest collection is shown. There is mass media coverage too. This gives a positive image.

Fashion Week’s Schedual

Twice a year it occurs. For two season of year it shows two kinds of varieties. These are:-


Autumn Fashion Weeks

It is arranged to show spring/ summer collection. All the designers and houses put up their spring collection on the ramp.

Autumn Fashion Weeks

Summer Fashion Weeks

It is arranged to show winter/ autumn collection.Other than this, bridal collection is also a mega part specially in Pakistan, of fashion week. Jewelry is also given special importance in this kind of runway shows.

Summer Fashion Weeks

History of Fashion Weeks

In 1943, New York fashion week occurred. It had one purpose to distract people from World War 2. After that it became a routine. It is an excellent way to show upcoming trends and fashion, new style and hot stuff.

History of Fashion Weeks

Pakistan Fashion Weeks

Pakistan has been striving to land a place on the international fashion scene since 2007. Nov. 4, 2009, the first batch of fashion week of 32 designers took center stage. It all happened at the Marriott Hotel in Karachi. Since then Pakistan has introduced many formats such as pentene fashion week, bridal couture etc.

History of Fashion Weeks


Different brands sponsor these fashion weeks in Pakistan such as pentene, sun silk etc.


It has given a fresh breath to the fashion community in Pakistan. It has helped many designers to come on surface.

It has helped in adding to the color and beauty of our own fashion industry. It has given it new dimensions no wonder. It has also helped in its expansion miraculously over the past few years.

Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week

And hence has added different dimensions to this industry. There is an environment of competition in which designers try to exceed and surpass each other.

Positive Image of Pakistan

It portrays fun side and happy side of Pakistan to the world. It shows our designs around the globe and proves that our designers have really great talent.

Not only that but also it opens gates for our designer abroad and provides them with a platform.

Insight for Commoners

Hence fashion week provides a great insight to common people as well. Those who cannot afford much of designer clothes get benefitted and come to know the latest designs. All the new colors, hairstyles and accessories are also shown this way.

Charisma and Magic

Fashion week is the most awaited even around the globe. Paparazzi, media, models, ramp, new trends, it is all very bling bling and glittery. No doubt it is a window of opportunity for all the designers in the world and carries great importance. It is a road to success and builds futures of many newcomers.

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